SFA Series

ModelSFA Series
Voltage60V - 160V
Current: 31A - 500A
Power: 5kW - 30kW
Overview: High Slew Rate Current Source

SFA Series - High Slew Rate Current Source 
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The SFA family builds on the industry leading Sorensen SGA series to provide a high power current source for laser diode applications. State of the art high power laser diodes require well-regulated current control to avoid catastrophic damage. Under anomalous operating conditions, excessive stored energy in the output circuit of the power supply can result in peak stresses that can permanently damage the device. Providing a constant current regulation mode only, the SFA’s low stored energy output minimizes damage potential for sensitive devices as well as enabling a current slew rate of up to 400 A/msec.

Voltage 5kW 10kW 15kW 20kW 25kW 30kW
0 - 60V 0-83A 0-167A 0-250A 0-333A 0-417A 0-500A
0 - 100V 0-50A 0-100A 0-150A 0-200A 0-250A 0-300A
0 - 160V 0-31A 0-63A 0-94A 0-125A 0-156A 0-188A

Features and Benefits

Key Features
  • High Power Density: Up to 15 kW in a 3U / 30 kW in a 6U chassis
  • Wide Voltage Range: 0-40V up to 0-600V, in increments of 5 kW from 5 to 30 kW
  • Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions
  • Low RMS and P-P Noise: Suitable for the most sensitive applications
  • Parallelable up to 150 kW: Expandable as your requirement grows
  • Modular Design: Upgradeable for the ultimate in investment protection
  • Sequencing: Program custom waveforms
  • Easy-to-read Fluorescent Display: SGI supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages
  • 16-bit Resolution: Optional IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C + Ethernet provides precise control
  • Ethernet Control: LXI Class C compliant communication through integrated web server
  • Direct Relay Control: Control output and sense isolation relays, along with polarity relays. (Ethernet Option Only)
  • Hardware Trigger: Ethernet Option Only
  • 5 Year Warranty


Process Control

Whether you are controlling ion beams for the manufacturer of semiconductors, or driving a solution for precise control in a plating process, the SG series is an ideal choice with it’s small size, reliable modular design and standard analog programmability. Direct control of V and I along with 0-10V outputs allowing monitoring of the actual voltage and current, provides a simple interface for your PLC or other type of analog controller.

Product Development
Testing & Burn-in DC-DC converters, laser diodes, automotive and semiconductor components and aircraft flight hardware are just a few of the items being tested using the SG product family. From simple front panel control to complex test sequences for compliance testing, the SG series will grow with your product needs.

A research environment presents some of the most demanding requirements on your test instrumentation. Equipment that is sufficient today, may not meet the needs of the next project. With the SG series this is no longer a problem. The modular design allows you to easily upgrade to higher power levels in the future, or parallel units to achieve up to 150 kW. With the sophisticated sequencing capability of the SGI model, you can build an infinite variety of test or diagnostic programs and have them execute directly from the power supply.

Automotive Component Test
The 16-bit resolution of the Ethernet programming and hardware triggering allows for detailed sequencing associated with battery fluctuation simulation. The tight load regulation capability of the SG series makes it a superior source for validation and acceptance testing and burn-in of automotive components. The 40V models, in particular, provide a full range of testing to simulate battery conditions. Margin testing of 12V and 14V nominal components, such as electronic control units (ECU) and electromechanical components, is easily achieved.

Rackmount ATE Systems
The high power density of the SG series makes it ideal for ATE System integration. The wide variety of voltage and current combinations in 3U and 6U heights allows multiple voltage outputs in a small amount of space. The wide variety of control methods possible, allows easy integration into legacy systems as well as high speed systems.

Battery Charging
The SG series provides high accuracy voltage output to optimize battery charging. Battery charging requires high accuracy voltage and stable current output for fast bulk and absorption phase charging and high accuracy and stable voltage for float charging to avoid “gassing” the battery. With the remote interface options, the charging process can easily be automated for volume production.

Ethernet Programming Common to SG & SFA -Rev K
IEEE-RS232 Programming
Operations Manual Rev G
Ethernet Programming Common to SG & SFA -Rev K
DocumentEthernet Programming Common to SG & SFA -Rev K
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IEEE-RS232 Programming
DocumentIEEE-RS232 Programming
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Operations Manual Rev G
DocumentOperations Manual Rev G
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SFA Series Data Sheet
SFA Series Data Sheet
DocumentSFA Series Data Sheet
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SG : Model Number Description

Options and Accessories
Control Options
A Analog
I Intelligent
Input Voltage Options
C Input Voltage 187 / 242VAC
D Input Voltage 342 / 440VAC
E Input Voltage 396 / 528VAC
Remote Control Options
0A No Options
1A IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C (RS-232 comes standard on SGI
1C Ethernet / RS-232
1D Isolated Analog Control
2A Combined Options 1A + !D
2G Combined Options 1C + 1D
1E Shaft Locks ( SGA series only )
Process options
AA No Options
AB Certificate of Calibration ( Includes Test Data )