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White Papers

Interested in diving deeper into specific topics? Download our white papers and handbooks below to learn more.

   Select the Right Programmable Power Supply

Choosing a high quality programmable power supply is essential to getting the most out of your application or test system. In this Power Solution Guide, you’ll discover why selecting the right power supply is so important and learn about the wide variety of applications and industries utilizing these critical products.

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The Rise of Renewable Energy: Accelerating Change Through
Better Power and Testing Solutions

The power and energy market is changing. Both in the private and public sectors, companies are turning to renewable energy to drive innovation and keep the industry moving forward. From solar and wind energy to geothermal power, the success of renewable energy depends on designing better power and testing solutions. This white paper explains where the market is at today and what you can achieve with enhanced power and testing solutions.

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Going Beyond: How Better Power and Testing Solutions are
Taking the Military and Aerospace Industry to New Heights

In this white paper, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power talk all about the rising demands of the industry, as well as key power and testing considerations. Topics include: the struggles of qualification and standardization, the need to simulate power sources, opportunities surrounding advanced programmable power solutions, and getting qualified testing equipment.

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Powering the Future: Enabling Education and Research
Innovation Through Next-Level Power and Testing Solutions

Want to know what powers the world of academia? Curious how researchers are able to come up with innovative solutions to modern-day problems? The answer – next-level power and testing solutions. In this white paper, our experts dive into where education and research are at today and the different power and testing technologies available.

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Programmable Power Supplies and Loads Provide
Comprehensive PV-Inverter Test

As renewable energy sources continue to grow, with solar a large part of that growth, we see the PV inverter market reaching $13B by 2027. In this white paper, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power discuss: the solar power growth forecast, the market for PV inverters, and PV inverter test challenges. Download our white paper to learn how to surround your PV inverter with simulation instruments to ensure optimum performance and standards compliance.

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Programmable Electronic Loads Offer Cooling
and Operating-Mode Options

In this white paper, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power talk all about the considerations for electronic loads in the renewable energy space. Considerations include: power, voltage, and current ratings; cooling methods; operating modes; calibration techniques; transient response time; computer-control interfaces; and protective features.

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Reliable, Stable Programmable Power Drives
Advanced Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductor availability is running at a frightening shortage, but demand for the equipment to support production is at an all-time high with many manufacturers planning to expand their capacity. Programmable power supplies will serve a key role as the new semiconductor equipment comes online. Download this white paper to learn more on the integration between the semiconductor industry and programmable power.

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How to Select an AC Power Supply

How can you best choose an AC power supply? There are several considerations discussed in this white paper, including: current requirements for your device under test, worst-case input current, crest factor of your load’s current, power factor, and more. Read our white paper to learn more.

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Considerations When Specifying a DC Power Supply

When selecting a DC programmable power supply, there are many parameters to consider. Electrical specifications are perhaps the most important, but you also need to consider the form factor, control needs, and even what accessories are available. Learn more in our white paper.

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