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Government / Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industry pushes test and measurement to it's very limits. The cost of testing is high, but the cost of failure even higher. The need to acquire accurate data right the first time, every time, puts extreme demands on test engineers to use instrumentation that ensures data integrity and data reliability. The functional testing of complex systems requires flexible automated test systems and power sources that can be adapted for a variety of LRUs.

AMETEK’s VTI Instruments delivers data acquisition, monitoring and control solutions that test the most complex test structures and electronics in the world. AMETEK’s Programmable Power supplies AC and DC power sources that not only supply power to units under test, but also simulate real-world power scenarios that help ensure that complex electronics systems will operate under even the harshest conditions.


Committing to production and support cycles that last 15 years and beyond is a commonplace requirement for aerospace and defense applications where obsolete hardware can force costly redesigns.

Programmable Power and VTI Instruments all have proven track records of successful installations in test systems that were designed over ten years ago and are still in production. In fact, the first VTI Instruments product brought to market in 1990 is still in production today.

Our instrumentation and power sources have been consistently upgraded over the years to phase out obsolete components while maintaining backward compatibility. Our customers are confident that their system designs today will still be viable years from now.


Applications like testing gas turbine engines and avionics are extremely complex and often require instrumentation from multiple suppliers. This is especially true with niche devices such as communication bus analyzers and power supplies.

AMETEK, with its VTI Instruments and all Programmable Power brands, Sorensen, Elgar and California Instruments, is committed to delivering solutions that conform to modular open architecture standards such as LXI, VXI and VME. You can be assured that our instruments and power sources will integrate seamlessly in your test system. Our focus on data integrity and reliability has made VTI Instruments and Programmable Power mainstays in the aerospace/defense industry for more than two decades in a wide range of applications that include:

  • APU test cells
  • Jet engine test cells
  • Military aircraft
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Spacecraft/satellite
  • Launch vehicles
  • Rocket motor testing
  • Government R&D
  • Avionics and complex electronics
  • Cable harnesses
  • Missiles
  • Ships/submarines
  • Radar
  • Military vehicles
  • US Department of Defense ATE Systems


AMETEK Programmable Power and VTI Instruments is ITAR registered by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Defense Trade Controls, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, ITAR Registration Code: M26704.

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