Power Requirements
AC Power Sources are specified in Line to Neutral voltages.
For conversion from Line to Line (L-L) to L-N divide the VL-L by 1.73.
Example - 480VL-L = 480/1.73 = 277VL-N.
If three phase, add total of all three phases.
VA: Programmable Power AC source are rated in Volt Amperes. Voltage (V) x Current (I) = VA.
Please consider the maximum VA requirements to ensure the product meets application requirements.
Frequency (Hz):
Phase Output (check both if needed):
Remote Interface Requirements:
Analog: Remote programming via analog DC signal.
Output Features:
AC+DC: In addition to AC both DC and AC+DC (offset) output available.
Advanced Waveform Generation
Arbitrary Waveform: Ability to generate custom defined waveforms based on 1,024 data points.
Harmonic Waveform: Ability to generate custom defined waveforms based on harmonic content (Fund. - 50th)
Transient Generation: Ability to generate custom defined voltage and frequency fluctuations, e.g. Drop out, Surges, Sags, Sweeps.
Measurements: Voltage, RMS Current, Peak Current, Apparent Power, Real Power, Crest Factor and L-L voltage.
Advanced Measurements: Built in Harmonic Analyzer measuring Fund-50th harmonic and THD%
Regenerative Source/Sink: 4 Quadrant, auto Source and Sink mode of operation. Regenerates >85% energy back to the grid!
Compliance Test Options:
Use Method: