Elgar SW Series Downloads :
The SW is no longer in production. its replacement is the CSW Series
Operations Manual SW-A 5/9/2011 (1.75MB) Rev J
Operations Manual SW-AE 5/9/2011 (1.39MB) Rev D
SCPI Programming Manual 5/9/2011 (589KB) Rev F
SW10500, SW15750, SW21000 Parallel Install 6/17/2009 (497KB) Rev E
SW5550A, SW3700A, SW1850A Operating Manual 5/4/2011 (1.47MB) Rev D
SW5550AE, SW3700AE, SW1850AE Operating Manual 5/3/2011 (1.42MB) Rev E
Data Sheet
Elgar SW Data Sheet 7/1/2009 (729KB)
Technical Note
AMETEK Elgar SW & CI CSW Form-Fit-Features Comaprison 10/07/2011 (1MB)
Support Documents
SW FAQs 01/04/2010 (974kb)
LabWindows/CVI Driver 3/16/2006 (32KB)
LabVIEW Driver ¹ 6/18//2009 (741KB)
Flash Wizard ² 12/20/2006 (6.7KB)
SW Control Suite (SWCS) ³ 3/16/2006 (10.7MB)
¹ Requires LabVIEW ver 7.1 or newer
² SW firmware upgrades
³ Rev 2.09.01