Discontinued AMREL Products

AMREL Loads and DC supplies.

Discontinued Products

Discontinued AMREL Products
(Support and parts may be unavailable or limited on these products)

• AMREL ePower & eLoad Linecard : view pdf

eLoad Programmable DC Electronic Loads
• FEL Series Manuals: download zip file
• LPL Operation Manual: view pdf
• PEL Manuals: download zip file
• PLA-PLW Operation Manual: view pdf
• PLA-PLW-LPL Programming Manual: view pdf
• FRA Software: download zip file

Amrel Power USB Drivers
• Amrel Power USB Drivers: download zip file

ePower Programmable dc Power Supplies
• SPS 1.2kW 0-Panel Manual: view pdf
• SPS 1.2kW- 1.5kW V-Panel Manual: view pdf
• SPS 1.2kW K-Panel Manual: view pdf
• Bonafide Handout: view pdf
• ePOWER - SPS Bonafide Analog and Basic Manual 05152013: view pdf
• ePOWER_SPS Bonafide Premium (1.6kW)_APRL 24 2013: view pdf
• SPS 5kW to 30kW A-Panel Manual: view pdf
• SPS 5kW to 30kW K-Panel Manual: view pdf
• SPS 3.3kW-45kW K-Panel Manual: view pdf

Other Products
• FCL 800 & 1.5K Handout: view pdf
• LPS305 Manual: view pdf