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Sorensen SGX Series

5kW-30kW high performance programmable DC power supply with intuitive touch screen controls.

Sorensen Next Generation DC Supply
The Sorensen SGX Series represents the next generation of high power programmable DC power supplies. The SGX Series is designed for exceptional load transient response, low noise and the highest power density in the industry. With a full 15 kW available down to 20 V output in a 3U package the SGX leads the industry in power density. The power density is enhanced by a stylish front air intake allowing supplies to be stacked without any required clearance between units.

At the heart of the SGX series is a 5 kW power module. Depending on the output voltage, one to six modules can be configured in a single chassis to deliver 5 kW to 30 kW of power.

Combinations of these chassis can then be easily paralleled to achieve power levels up to 150 kW. Paralleled units operate like one single supply providing total system current.

Advanced Intelligent Control
The SGX Series is operated from the intuitive, easy-to-use front panel touch screen display. Quickly access output programming parameters, measurements, sequencing, configuration and system settings from the touch screen interface. Functions and parameters can be directly selected from the touch screen or by using the encoder selector button. The control resolution is adjusted by a dynamic rate change algorithm that combines the benefits of precise control over small parameter changes with quick sweeps through the entire range.

Additionally, the instrument can be controlled via LXI Ethernet and RS232 standard control interfaces, as well as through the optional GPIB control interface.

SGX / SGI Comparison Chart
Feature SGX SGI
Modular Design
Fast Load Transient
Analog & Digital Summing
Direct Front Panel V/1 Control
Touch Screen  
Save / Recall Setups
System Power Readouts
Constant Power Mode
RS-232C Standard Standard
LXI Class C Ethernet Standard Optional
GPIB Optional Optional
Burn-In Compliance Testing
Materials Research Process Control
Product Validation Automotive Electronics
Rackmount ATE Systems Battery Charging
See the SFA product page for very high current slew rate and low stored energy applications.



• Up to 15 kW in 3U, 30 kW in a 6U chassis

• 0-10V up to 0-1000V

• Intuitive Touch Screen Display

• Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions

• Parallelable up to 150 kW

• Sequencing: Free system controller & speed up test


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