Military ATE

ATE Test Stand / Depot


Military automated test equipment

Military Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
ATE (automatic test equipment) used for electronics repair in military depots is solely to allow the operational designation of electronics devices which have been `designated good' at least once to be changed from `suspected bad' to `known good'. The most direct user measures of effectiveness and efficiency of an ATE application are the speed with which testing can be accomplished and the accuracy of the testing/diagnosis process. Users should then presume that ATE engineering will result in either speed and test/diagnostic accuracy remaining the same while ATE costs decline dramatically or result in speed and test/diagnostic accuracy increasing dramatically for only small increases in ATE cost.

Elgar Reflex Power Series
16 - 450V (DC),
2.3 - 30A (DC),
1000W (DC),
140 - 280V (AC) ,
3.5 - 7A (AC) ,
875VA (AC)