Electronic Manufacturing & Repair Testing


Electronic Manufacturing & Repair Testing
Failure testing and monitoring during manufacturing processes are an important application for programmable power supplies for various electronic devices and motors. Process control is another role this type of manufacturing test plays and is vital to maintaining good yields at many levels of operation.

Sorensen SG Series
10V - 800V,
6A - 6000A,
4kW - 150kW

Sorensen XG Series
6V - 600V,
2A - 220A,
1330W - 1710W

Sorensen DCS Series
8V - 600V,
1A - 350A,
1kW - 3kW

California Instruments CSW
156V - 312V,
8A - 288A,
5.5 kVA - 33.3 kVA

California Instruments MX
150V - 300V,
0A - 160A,
90kVA - 540kVA