Fuse & Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

Fuse and Breaker Test Equipment

Fuse & Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
AC Current Sources are useful in a variety of applications where precision is required; including precise evaluation of circuit breakers, overload relays, heating elements and non-destructive fuse testing. The arbitrary waveform capability of the CS makes it possible to test these devices under real-world circumstances with harmonically rich current waveforms. Protection devices that are specified to withstand specific current levels for certain durations can be tested easily with the CS current source by programming specific current levels, frequencies, and durations using the transient programming system.

Sorensen XG Series
6V - 600V,
2A - 220A,
1330W - 1710W

California Instruments CS
208V - 400V,
44.44A - 177.77A,
3kVA - 18kVA