Burn-In Test

Burn-in Test

Burn-In Test
A burn-in test is a process used in production to simulate long hours of running a particular electronic assembly, device or motor and is critical for quality control as well as design verification. Power supplies are used at all levels of power to simulate electrical conditions, natural and man-made, to ensure a product will perform as designed under such conditions.

Research our DC solutions Sorensen SG Series, Sorensen XG Series and AC solution Elgar XWave Series to learn more about the full capabilities.

LED and Laser Diode Test and Burn-In

Sorensen SG Series
10V - 800V,
6A - 6000A,
4kW - 150kW

Sorensen XG Series
6V - 600V,
2A - 220A,
1330W - 1710W

Elgar XWave Series
132V - 528V,
150A - 4000A,
30kVA - 480kVA