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California Instruments P Series Downloads
801P / 1001P / 1251P Series User and Programming Manual 5/26/2011 (1.19MB) Rev K
Data Sheet
P Series Data Sheet 11/24/2008 (205KB)
Support Documents
General AC FAQ 01/04/2010 (432KB)
Definition : AC Power Distribution 01/04/2010 (1040KB)
Definition : Crest Factor 01/04/2010 (364KB)
P/RP Series Instrument Control Software, P-ICS32 For 32 bit operating systems Models: P Series with -232 option, RP Series with -IF option, TL Series 11/24/2008 (3.88MB) V2.3.0.0
P Instrument Control Software for 16 Bit Operating Systems, P-ICS Models: P Series with -232 Option. RP Series with -IF Option 11/24/2008 (1.14MB) V2.12
Lab View Windows Driver
P and RP Series V, P and RP Series LabWindows Drivers (LW/CVI 5.5 and higher) Models: P and RP Series 11/24/2008 (741KB) V
Firmware Updates
Flash Loader V1.60 11/02/2006 (2.2MB) V1.60

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