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Avionics Test Routine Options
Option Code Description
-ABD Airbus Directive 0100.1.8 tests. [AC only.]
-AMD Airbus AMD24C Tests. Revision C.
-A350 Airbus Test Software
-AIRB Airbus ABD0100.1.8, AMD 24 and A350 combination test software suite
-B787 Boeing 787B3-0147 Tests.
-704F Mil Std 704 test firmware. Revisions A-F.
-160 RTCA/DO-160D, Change 2, EuroCAE-14D and Airbus test firmware [Section 16, AC only. Refer to -160 option data sheet for detaiIs]
* Note Reference the Avionics Test User Manual P/N 4994-971 for a complete listing of performance capabilities.
Option Code Description
-LAN LXI Ethernet LAN Interface (Rj45 Connector)
-LKM Clock/Lock Master
-LKS Clock/Lock Auxiliary
-413 IEC61000-4-13 Harmonics and Interharmonics test firmware and hardware.
-411 IEC61000-4-11 test firmware. See also EOS1/3.
-WHM Watt-Hour Measurement option.
-MB Multi-Box. Adds controller to auxiliary chassis of multi-chassis systems
-SW SCPI Command Firmware (Simulates the Elgar SW Series) Not all commands are supported. Please contact factory for details.
Input Options
-400 342 to 457VRMS 3-Phase L-L AC input.
Output Options
-LF Limits output frequency to 500 Hz.
-FC Modifies output frequency control to ± 0.25%
Cabinet Options
-RMS Rackmount Slides. Recommended for rack mount applications.
C prefix Cabinet System. Installed and pre-wired in 19" cabinet.

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