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California Instruments BPS Series : Downloads
BPS Series User Manual 06/27/2013 (2.2Mb) Rev A
BPS Series SCPI Programming Manual 10/03/2017 (1.2Mb) Rev AB
CI Virtual Panels Avionics Software Manual, 4994-972 Rev A 10/05/2017 (2.3Mb)
Data Sheet
BPS Series Data Sheet 02/03/2015 (935kb)
BPS Gui V1.3 (4440053V1.3) for Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
MD5Sum: fa5f51e32b3ed20417194acd5666f258
11/20/2017 (14.2Mb)
CI Virtual Panels GUI V1.2.0 for Microsoft Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
MD5 Checksum: 6a4a7be985b7b3f6b5020f9915968496
04/19/2018 (99.5Mb)
Firmware Updates
MX Series II Firmware Update Version: 5.43, For models with FW 4.0 or higher. (Requires Flash Loader Utility to install)
MD5Sum: 74f84ecca551653855290e5e238603a5
12/08/2017 (621Kb)
Flash Loader V1.6.0 Windows 32-bit 11/02/2006 (2.2Mb)
Flash Loader V1.6.0 Windows 64-bitt 02/16/2015 (1.7Mb)
XPort 03/04 Firmware V1.1 - CIC949-1V1.1
NOTE: Use with Lantronix Device Installer
**Only compatible with XPort03/04 not XPort05**
MD5Sum: ea4c6fbf681025e42741757fd4cdb440
02/04/2014 219Kb
XPort 05 Firmware V1.8 - CIC949-2V1.8
NOTE: Use with Lantronix Device Installer
**Only compatible with XPort 05 not XPort03/04**

MD5Sum: a91d7e0678d613343fcf77dd26412722
03/02/2017 365Kb
Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 bit, 64 bit) : USB VCP Driver 11/29/2016 (10.4Mb)

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